People of Abraham

Oftentimes when growing up people would as me about my “religion.”  I was brought up a-religiously by faithful scientists and engineers, so I naturally said that I did not have one.  Thus, I reversed the question, “What religion are you?”  More often than not, they would answer “Christian,” as I grew up in the USA. 

So I would then ask, “What does that mean?”  Just as often they would say that they celebrated Christmas.  Some would add that if I did not believe in Jesus that I would go to hell.  These were the few though.  Usually the conversation ended here. Until I got older. 

Elementary School: 

“What religion are you Gouthum?” 

“I don’t believe in God.” 

“You don’t believe in God?!” 

“No, I can’t prove if he exists or not.” 

“You’re going to hell!” 

Junior High School: 

“What religion are you?” 

“I am an atheist.” 

“My parents said that if you do not believe in God, you are going to hell.” 

“So you only believe out of fear.” 

High School: 

What religion are you?” 

“I am an atheist.” 

“Really, what if you are wrong?’ 

“What if you are?” 


“What religion are you?” 

“I am agnostic.” 

“So you don’t know if there is a God or not?” 


“What if I could prove it to you?” 

“The world is full of what-if’s.  How did you figure it out?” 

“I studied and prayed.” 

“What did you study and pray about?” 

“You know, all the major religions.” 

“Such as?” 

“Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.” 

“Did you know that they all from the same patriarch, that in fact that that is ONE religion?” 

“What do you mean?” 


Abraham is the patriarch of Judaism.  He took to wife Sarah, but she was too old to have children.  God appeared to her in a dream and told her that she would conceive late her life.  She laughed.  Thus God told Father Abraham marry and bed his slave wife, Hagar.  She birthed the child Ishmael.  Yet later, in her fifties, Sarah conceived of a son as well.  This son became the legitimate heir to Abraham. 

Thousands of years later, the line of kings in Israel gave birth to Jesus, the father of Christianity, or at least the prophet upon whom this religion draws its inspiration. 

Five hundred years after that a descendant of Ishmael, Mohammed, wished to enter Jerusalem to further preach as a prophet of the same God of Israel, Jehovah.  The Jews turned him away and he came back with an Army. 

Hence, all three religions are really only the fulfillment of Judaism. 

Imagine another perspective.  Judaism splintered into the ultimate feminine aspect of humanity, the self-sacrifice and martyrdom of the Christ, or Jesus.  It then showed its other face, the militant masculinity of Mohammed, PBUH.  Peace may only exist when these three groups can make peace and reunite. 

Whom does it fall upon to unite them?

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