>>>>Creativity – Sacral Chakra Oil

Creativity – Sacral Chakra Oil


Our early societal groups affect this chakra.  Usually around puberty, the second chakra and its surrounding organs and tissues become active.  It includes, creativity, imagination, and even lust.  Too much and we can become oversexed, or burned out.  Not enough, and you may experience writers block or frigidity.  Strengthen confidence, core muscles, and organs with this tone.


Sacral Chakra Oil

Before you start reading this, let me ask you something…

Is your sex life leaving something to be desired?  Do you or your partner get up FEELING UNSATISFIED?

Guess what? We all have had feelings of inadequacy.  In spite of this, does this feeling creep over onto other aspects of your life? Does it affect your daily outlook making it seem like everything else is meaningless?

What about your digestion? Do you get stomach aches a lot, or have cramps in your abdomen?  These seemingly unrelated conditions may have a connection….

In my case, I kept telling myself if I worked harder and read more books, I could GET BACK ON TOP!  I used to be a real go-getter always full of vitality and zest.  Yet no matter how hard I worked or how much I studied, things did not pick up.

My doctors prescribed the usual, more of this and less of that.  Yeah, that is exactly what I got, more criticism from my partner and boss, and less glam. Talk about rubbing it all in again, won’t they?

Gee enough of these questions already; I had to FIND AN ANSWER!

So after seeking the knowledge and application over seven years of dedicated self-healing and treatment, I bring these tools to you, YET GREATLY SIMPLIFIED!

I knew that I could not REDISCOVER my LOVE OF LIFE in any pill.  And although I went through deep cleansing and spiritual purification, I can offer a much easier route to you.  On the physical side, I offer Creativity: Sacral Chakra Oil Blend (Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Safflower).

It addresses digestive health and assimilation of nutrients making more energy available to you.  But it also does more.


Improved sexual enjoyment.

Greater creativity and improved problem-solving skills.

Better assimilation of nutrients.

Enhanced ability to feel things and process your emotions.


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