>>Yoga: The Art of Integrating Consciousness with Physicality
Yoga: The Art of Integrating Consciousness with Physicality 2024-04-24T19:27:50+00:00

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Dialectic Yoga

Yoga has many meanings to many people. Most Westerners think of bending, and stretching, or at best, meditation and breathing. However there are dozens of Yogas in the ancient Eastern scriptures of Vedanta.

Vedanta means “the end of the Vedas,” or the end of all knowledge. It comes from Sanatana Dharma. Most people know this vast body of knowledge and living practices as Hinduism. Ironically there is no such thing. The British called the people of the Indus River Valley “Sindu.”

Which became abbreviated to Hindu. The practices became called “Hinduism.” In reality the body of knowledge which covers diet, human relations, law, justice, immortality, Astronomy, Astrology and more, comes from Sanatana Dharma, or “Universal Law.”

The simplest way to explain it, is that Sanatana Dharma deals with both the hardware of reality (the rocks, oceans, animals, plants) and the software -the forces underlie the world. Think of your body as the hardware, and your consciousness and intellect as the software.

Nonetheless, although the East has mastered the software thousands of years before the West even emerged, Western objective science dominates the physical world. Think about airplanes versus flying carpets!

So, Yoga is the integration of the software and the hardware of consciousness and matter, of mind, body, and soul. Dialectic Yoga joins practices of multiple modalities into an integrated physical practice, of diet, activity, breath, philosophy, and meditation.