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For over twenty years we have travelled the world searching for the best healing modalities. We trained, certified, and delivered many of them. However we have learned that less is more. Our civilization tends to obsess on words and thoughts, while missing intuition.

Our practices integrate Ayurveda, Yoga Asana, Pranayama, sound, energy healing, and God. Yes, we said it, the “G” word. So many people run from the divine whereas we embrace it. Or as you may hear our founder say, the problem is “God,” the solution is “God.”

Whatever the reason people shun the divine, we come to share with you ways of reconnecting to the divine nature of the cosmos you felt as a child. Remember looking up at the stars, dancing, playing with animals, residing in nature, or for those that missed all of these, in the womb – the saltwater of the ocean now?

So whether the divine comes to you in the form of an image or an avatar, a sound, a song, a chant, or an animal, it speaks to us as well. Our retreats don’t just silence the mind, they reintegrate it. Sure you can go to the temple and find peace. The power comes from bringing it back with you into your daily life.

We help you bring it back by first silencing your mind through mediation. Then we add chanting or singing to bring the sound of the divine in its many forms. Next, we deliver a spiritual message or focus to use for each day. This message anchors in breathwork (Pranayama) and postures (Asana).


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After the Asana, you can soak in the ocean and shower. This rinses you of anything you want to let go of, while grounding the message you vibrate into your being that day. We then fuel you with a healthy veggie smoothie and/or “Naanrito” -an Indian spiced burrito!

In the afternoon, you get to do a different healthy activity such as horseback riding, hiking the rainforest, snorkeling, kayaking, or learning dancing. Finally in the evening we have a silent beach walk and mediation followed by a healthy snack such as yogurt, sorbet, or fruits and nuts.

One more special service offered at this retreat, that you will get at none other, is a DNA Life Activation (LA). You may have heard of Reiki and other energy healing techniques. We utilize these. However, we have added the LA from the Modern Mystery School (MMS).

The ancient King Solomon lineage of MMS (thousands of years old) supplements our Sankaracharya’s lineage from India. This is true East meets West. The internal ancient practices of the East with those of the West.

The LA activates your higher purpose from the divine. You get physical DNA from your ancestors and Earth. This energetic activation enables your higher purpose. Think of it as your heavenly DNA. However you think about it, it works. It allows the work we do here to settle and stick.

Ask yourself, “How much money have I spent on weight loss, yoga, diet, retreats, fitness plans, seminars? How many of them had effects lasting longer than just a few days, weeks, or months after I spent the time and money?” The Life Activation helps you become the person you were born to be.

And that is not the end. Later you can come back for more advanced activations to allow you to become the person you were born to become. God Bless you all, and thank you for taking the time to read our website.

Come to beautiful Puerto Rico to unleash your inner power!

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