>>Tame Your Inner Beast Horseback Riding in Puerto Rico’s el Yunque Rainforest
Tame Your Inner Beast Horseback Riding in Puerto Rico’s el Yunque Rainforest 2024-04-25T15:34:24+00:00

Ancient mythology commonly presents the theme of marriage between man and animal; which also includes man and machine-though we shall cover that later. Mythological creatures such as Centaurs, and the Gods themselves taking animal forms teach humanity to pair its animal nature with heavenly capability.

In common understanding of Abrahamic religions, man sees himself as separate and above the animals. Yet, in esoteric understanding and science we see that humans embody the supreme animal. Ancient religions also teach this clearly. We seem to have forgotten this with predictable results.

Our violent and primal nature acts out through abuse, greed, avarice and an excess of, ironically, excess itself. The only way to manage the monkey inside is to honor the DNA used to create humans out of the naturally evolved species on Earth.


Integration animal nature comes easiest by spending time in nature with animals. One can easily trace our neurosis and denial of human nature the further humans get from the Earth. Note how rural areas tend to sustain wholistic values that cities disparage.

The current political divide worldwide sources from this conflict. If one traces it further back it comes from the separation of God and Science in the West during the last Renaissance.

We say the “last” Renaissance as our world enters a new one as we speak. Instead of gold and the power of the sea, we have Crypto and the infinite ocean of the Internet. Remember though, the Renaissance occurred simultaneously with the Inquisition!

Nonetheless, in this Renaissance we reconnect science and religion, God and Animal, or “Hu-man.” We also begin to marry human and machine. Rather than overload the Seeker with more words and talk, we find that as in Espanol, it is better to: “ensensar-to teach or to show.”

So the smoothest way to make the transition into an integrated human with technology follows the path to joining with nature. Or in other words, the deeper we sink our roots into nature the higher we can climb into the stars. The shallower the roots, the more easily manipulated we become. Sound familiar?

The youth spends its time on TikTok or other social media following trends programmed by Artificial Intelligence controlled by those who reduce the human experience to consumption rather than unification-which includes a balance between production, maintenance, and consumption.

Come experience animals that require us to subordinate our will into that of the pair. Horses have powerful presences that require respect. Yielding to their power and in turn marrying it with ours, enables us to elevate our shared nature into something unified and great.

Or, you could just go horseback riding with us and enjoy the scenery. The magick happens naturally.