>>>>Wherever You Go, There You Are

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Try to imagine a world where you are not.  Is it even possible?


Those quick to answer, “Yes,” do so without thinking about it.  Yet in reality, they are wrong.  They talk about times in history where they did not exist.  But it is impossible to cognize anything without using you.  That’s right.  Everything you see or read about has you involved, for you are thinking about it.


So the one thing ever present wherever you are, is YOU.  In fact, the only thing that you can be sure of in life is one thing; that you exist.  Everything after that is negotiable.  Ask any schizophrenic and they will tell you this.  Yet how is this useful?


The way the concept becomes useful, is that it gives you a liberty in your life that you did not even realize.  In fact, even this article is a function of how you look at the world.  Every time you see red, you may see green, and vice versa, no one would ever know.


The trick is to be internally and externally consistent with your logic.  When you render all the inconsistencies out of your thinking, you become a master of your reality.  You gain an ability to manage your thinking, feelings, and actions not available earlier.


No longer do you react from a bundle of autonomic responses.  Your life reflects deep seated steadiness when you align your thoughts, feelings and actions.  This is true integrity.  Like the well-forged beam, your molecules align and are able to transmute any force.  It vibrates through you and dissipates into the atmosphere.


Analogously, when unaligned, your molecules vibrate inconsistently and bounce into each other.  Forces wreak havoc on your system as it reacts with varying and opposing responses.  In short, you fight against yourself and that which is around you instead of flowing with it.


In short, the method that I use for my clients is to render the unconscious conscious first.  This is often the hardest part as most people refuse to acknowledge the darker sides of themselves.  Animals carry one trait, like the loyal dog, or that cowardly rabbit.  While humans on the other hands, we carry every trait beautiful and terrible in our world.


It lies upon the individual to choose how to manifest these traits and most importantly, when to.  Every trait has a useful implementation.  For example when in suicidal despair, anger can pull one out of the pit of hopelessness.  When angry, the feeling of laughter or humor can reduce the agitations. 


The whole point of this process of self-realization is to bring these ideas to the forefront and to acknowledge them so that we no longer behaves as a victims of our own unconscious desires.  Once we bring our ideas to the surface, we can acknowledge them and decide how to use them, and when or if.


Thus the statement “Do not judge lest ye be judged,” refers directly to these ideas.  Most people try to start by not judging others.  Yet your judgment of others is truly just a judgment of yourself which you cannot acknowledge at this time.  Remember, you reflect all the meaning that you see onto the world of the inanimate.  Once you accept the ideas about yourself, you no longer need to see them in the world around you.


Once you see that you have the capability to be judgmental, intolerant, prejudiced, etc, you no longer have to imagine that those are “everyone else’s” problems.  The world changes most quickly from the inside out.  So, in closing, accept your illogic, and render it logical.  Or, in other words, remove the inconsistencies between your thinking and behavior and become liberated.


Choose your fate.

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