>>>>Vision – Third Eye Chakra Oil

Vision – Third Eye Chakra Oil


Many will tell you that the Third-eye is the key to seeing the future.  Too much sixth chakra and we become detached and unrealistic; too little and we lose our imagination and become trapped in a dry lifeless monotony.  We recommend first seeing the present all around us in its beauty.  Then we can choose whether to change or adjust that life path


Third Eye Chakra Oil

Having problems envisioning your future?  Do you get headaches while concentrating or trying to solve problems?

When I reached the top of my field no matter how much money I made these painful symptoms arose.  In fact, the longer they persisted, the more lost I felt, like I had no place in the world…


I know it sounds familiar because so many of my clients are still feeling trapped and unable to see a way out of the dilemmas in their lives.  For this, I created Vision: Third Eye Chakra Oil (Myrrh, Rosemary, Safflower).  It not only addresses physical issues surrounding vision and reasoning, but it also affects the metaphysical ones.

So while you may not be able to schedule a telephone treatment with me, or come to beautiful San Diego, you can buy this oil.  It deals with headaches and issues of sight, brain, and endocrine systems.


Decrease the intensity of your headaches.

Free association and dreaming become more relaxed.

Vision of past, present, and future becomes clearer.

Ability to discern differences and patterns in vision.

Remind yourself of where you come from and where you are going.


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