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Undigested Matters of Heart, Body, and Mind

Most of the USA is overweight, some even obese.  Much of this weight is inflammation and fecal retention.  What does this mean in plain English?  It means that they are swollen with excess impurities.  When you take in something harmful to your body it generally surrounds it in a lipid barrier-in fat.

Think of this fat as a cushion around your illness.  Some of it is from preservatives and synthetics.  Other parts of it come from your ill thinking and emotions.  As written elsewhere, I explain that your inconsistent thinking and feelings result in illness.  Ask any massage therapist, your body stores the feelings that it cannot process in its tissues.

Now, retained feces.  It sounds gross, because it is.  It is gross in subtlety and in plain description.  Most of the swelling and weight below the belly button on overweight people is undigested feces.  A great DVD comes from Awareness Life and describes this process.  For example, Elvis Presley’s colon showed inches of built up matter on his colon after death.

This undigested matter plugs your villi in your colon.  As a result one’s colon cannot digest or process the matter leaving a body.  This substance putrefies and often results in what Edgar Casey called Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)  Again, in plain terms, this describes the process when the impurities begin to leech into your body from the backed up sewage.

Sounds gross?  It is.

As Awareness Life offers, one can use herbs such as Clear and Experience to cleanse the colon on a daily basis, or even weekly.  To speed the process others use colon hydrotherapy.  The science on cleansing the colon using water is mixed.  Yet I can tell you from experience, that this thousand-year-old method works.  It involves flushing the colon with varying temperatures of water to cleanse it.

An experienced hydrotherapist examines your waste as it is cleaned.  He or she can tell if you have parasites and often allergies just by looking at your waste.  Think of it like a biologist examining an animal population to see what is killing it.  This process is called scatology in objective medicine and biology.  Again, an experienced therapist can also make recommendations as to the appropriate herbs to take to maintain colon Ph and balance.

Although this post may disgust or make you uncomfortable, it is much more discomforting to hold your garbage inside of your body.  Imagine the waste workers are overloaded and your trash builds up inside your house.  Imagine what would grow and the smell.  Go to a colon hydrotherapist or two and ask them their experience.

Not only does the matter inside you matter, but it is better outside than in.  Furthermore, it will take the weight away that dieting cannot: inflammation and waste, undigested matters of the heart, body and mind.

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