>>>>Welcome Water Bearers

Welcome Water Bearers

The Earth spins on its axis like a top.  And also like a top it wobbles.  This wobbling is called precession and refers to the way a top not only spins, but also rotates while it is spinning.  Every 2250 years or so, the Earth points to a new constellation.  These constellations reflect the s of man and were determined by science older than the Babylonians of 4400 BC.


6,000 or so years ago during Pharaoh’s time it was the Age of Taurus, or the Bull.  All around the world, you see fertility cults with the phallus.  Temples in India and Egypt show these symbols everywhere.  Moses was called upon to shift his people from the Age of Taurus to the Age of Aries, the Scapegoat.  Here the codes of Hammurabi and the Ten Commandments reflect its emphasis on Law and Order.


About 2250 years later, while fleeing Egypt, the Hebrews attempted to return to the older Age as symbolized by the story of the Golden Calf.  They created a graven image of a calf, or small bull.  When Moses returned from the mountain he was furious and forced them to melt the calf, drink it, and murder some of their kin.  Man’s heart was harder then, and the lessons that much more so.


After some 2250 more years the Age of Pisces begins.  It is ushered in by the Jewish Scapegoat.  Jesus.   He became the sacrificial offering upon which all JEWISH sins were placed.  Like the Mosaic burnt offerings, he was sacrificed for the ills of his people.  His message was one of personal love and self-sacrifice.  Naturally, what was his symbol?  That of the fish, Pisces.


Plus or minus 2250 more years and we enter the Age of Aquarius, The Water Bearer.  Our symbol is that of the Wave.  Aquarius is the sign of technology and wave theory.  We learn to harness the power of light and many other waveforms.  The Water Bearer also focuses on the role of the individual within the group.  In the past we stressed the group, then the individual, now it is both simultaneously.

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