We Are All One

Have you ever sat down and tried to figure out what you really are?  Herein I have written that we are consciousness and awareness.  In this top down methodology we discover ourselves from the inside out, a great contrast to a childhood which illuminates us from the outside in.  When children we are forever being reminded that certain objects do not belong to us.  Now we are trying to find our way back to oneness. 

Yet more mileage can be eked out of the socialization process of child-rearing.  If you are the body, what is it made of?  Cells, tissue, water, bones.  What are these made of?  Atoms.  What are atoms made of?  This may surprise you, but their major component consists of space. 

That is correct, if you removed all the space within your atoms in your body, the remaining matter fits into a thimble.  Even for the largest bodybuilder and smallest dwarf.  What separates us from other people?  Space.  When we remove all our space, we are really just one being. 

In fact, NOTHING separates you from the person you imagine as completely independent of you.  How much does space weigh?  The ancients called this weightless “substance” ether.  Or as my friend Derk likes to say, “Space Connects.”  For fun, one can think about how this changes our lives.  If we are really all connected, what is the fun of being separate?  How would we behave differently? 

One thing is for sure, possession of material objects becomes redundant.  Hitting someone sounds utterly ridiculous.  Whereas loving may not.  Would you rather hit or love yourself?  Surprisingly enough, not everyone chooses love.  Sometimes I like to ride myself, such as when I go running.  Other times I like to pamper myself like when I get a massage.  I discipline my son, and other times I caress him. 

Now, love making and worship become more meaningful concepts.  We seek to re-unite ourselves through worship.  Appreciating something as what it is, is a divine oblation to God, or The Universe, whichever you prefer.  When we eat a meal prepared for ourselves we worship it.  When we admire a beautiful object we worship it.  When we love someone as what they are, we worship them. 

Find some worship in your life today.

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