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The Waking Dream

It’s the morning.  You awaken and your family asks you, “How did you sleep?”  Refreshed you say, “Incredibly.”  How do you know? In deep sleep you are aware of your own non-existence.

They query, “Did you have any dreams?”

“Yes I dreamed that I was in New York City (NYC) at the Empire State Building surveying the city.  Then I went down the elevator and emerged on the Seine river in Paris.”  How do you know it was a dream?  Objects in this world are combinations of physical world objects without the consistent application of physical laws.

Your family says, “Hey!  Let’s go to Paris today!”

To which you respond, “Ummm no.  Salt Lake City is too far from France to go in one day.”  In the waking state you have consistently applied physical laws.

Today I want to direct you to the waking dream.  Everyday we drift through this world at varying stages of consciousness.  From the deep sleep of the early morning through the metaphysical playground of dreaming to waking in the physical world we travel.

What is the common element in these three states?

You, the dreamer.  In deep sleep you represent the unconscious state.  In dreaming, the state of pliable reality.  In waking, the tactile sensation of objectivity.  There is a fourth state, the Turiya state where you have the bliss of unconsciousness the facility of dreaming and the physicality of waking.  This is the goal of human life.

Through this blog and my methods of Dialectic-Yoga I will train you to live the waking dream.

-Hari Om

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