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The Secret and the Cream of the Crap

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”


-W. Clement Stone

Years ago when preparing for Law School, I had  o take the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT).  This relatively straightforward exam had five parts: two argumentative reasoning sections, two logic games sections, and an essay.  Although I scored near prefect on the arguments, what a surprise, I did only above average on the logic games. 

Regardless of my actual score on the exam which was better than most, though not as good as some, I learned much from preparing and practicing.  I used the Kaplan books, help from an Attorney and a special book which is out of print.  This last book has a catchy phrase that this article introduces today. 

“The Cream of the Crap.” 

What this prepatory book taught in this section was how to “pre-phrase” an answer to a question.  This process involved reading a question, envisioning the perfect answer, and only then looking at the available choices.  The student then chooses the best of the available options, “The Cream of the Crap.” 

Ironically, life can be thought of as very similar.  If we always focus on what we want and how to get it, our minds become conditioned to see only the things which lead to our successes.  Then again, continually focusing on failure leads us to recognize only the stimuli that create that result. 

It is this idea that fuels methodologies such as “The Secret,” and “The Law of Attraction.”  Are we really using energy to attract what we want, or are we just choosing the Cream of the Crap?  It does not matter which.  It only matters that focusing on means of success prepares us to get what we want in a fulfilling way. 

Furthermore, the methods above do not require us to focus on material objects.  We can also concentrate our attentions on emotional or spiritual fulfillment.  So the next time someone asks if you believe in “The Law of Attraction,” you can say no, “but I always get the cream of the crap.”  


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