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Subject and Object Part III: Salty and the Sea

Once again we find ourselves at the analogy of the sea as the universe.  A story will help to explain.  There once was a salt doll.  It was the cutest figurine with incredibly realistic features.  In fact one could even see its expressions when it smiled, frowned or laughed. 


As a salt doll, it avoided the rain and any large puddles, but it loved the sea.  In fact, it was mesmerized by its beauty, majesty, and eternity.  The way the rollers came in and the tide went out. The hypnotic caw of seagulls with their mournful cries.  Being on the sand made Salty, as he  was called, feel at home. 


As if he were in a giant bed of pearls or the womb of his mother.  Yet Salty did not even know if he had a mother.  He would sit and talk about these deep questions with the sea all day.  Sometimes it responded, other times, it sighed its relaxing acceptance.  Whoosh, swoosh.  Whoosh, swoosh.  CRASH.  The breakers came in, the driftwood sailed out. 


One day while talking with the sea, Salty asked it.  “Sea, what am I?”  To this the sea swoshed, “Come closer and I will show you.”  Salty said, “I dunno, please just tell me.”  Father sea said, “I am sorry Salty, but your nature is not something that I can describe, I can only show you.”  Whoosh.  At this point the sun set, and Salty was left to ponder on a moonless night. 


The next morning at sunrise, Salty was ready.  He set his shells and bits of string down and told the seagulls, “Please look after my shells little birdies.”  To which the seagulls of course cawed.  After Salty was out of earshot they obviously tried to eat the knickknacks as scavengers are wont to do. 


Salty approached the water and as it got closer he started to feel fear.   Warmth in his belly, bile in his throat; if he had bile.  Congestion in his head.  Yet the sea maintained its calming affect.  Swish swash, the waters rose and fell.  The little doll began to enter the water. 


As he dissolved, he started to shout, “Father sea, what is happening to me, I thought you were going to show me what I am?”  The sea bellowed, “I AM, trust me.”  Several steps later, the doll was becoming more and more one with the salt water.  His limbs began to expand into the infinite expanse of the ocean. 


His mind and head expanded interminably, thoughts and breath all encompassing.  This terrified the little mind of the doll.  He shouted, “What AM I Father?”  Yet its soul felt a familiarity.  Once he reached a certain point of dissolution, the process accelerated and the soul’s momentum completely outweighed the mind’s fear.  It started to feel at home. 


Just at the point of total dissolution, Salty remarked “Ahhhh.  Now I understa’.”  His thought never completed as he was now one with his eternal nature.  Salty was the sea and the doll was only a component of it.  Or was it?  Only one who has experienced the merging knows, yet at that point the two become one.  There is no more subject and no more object, only the infinite expanse of the sea.

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