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Recovering from Domestic Abuse in Politics

The USA is recovering from an abusive political relationship with the voters being the children.  Democrats are often seen as the party of the mommy-state, creating rules for everything, while Republicans, the father-state dominating everything.  It is ironic that our own immaturity often condemns us as a people to such treatment.  How do we recover? 

One way is to take control of our destiny by moving out.  Thus, one could immigrate to another country.  Another is to stand up for your siblings by demanding that some respect be shown.  This may involve taking the power back from both the father, or mother, or both.  Sometimes this looks like revolutions such as when the colonies rebelled against England. 

What I might suggest is that we mature as children and surrender our naivety.  Father is neither all-knowing nor all-powerful.  Mother cannot protect us from all harm or heal every wound.  We need to learn to look after and think for ourselves, double-checking all that is done for us or in our names.  Since our government is deliberately complicated by special interests and captured groups, our best bet seems to elect a different type of leader. 

How can we know what to look for and how to validate this new type of character’s credentials? 

On October 12, 2007 the community of Truth or Consequences, NM seeks to try a new method of evaluation by using Eyetalk®, the province of creator John Meluso, CSP.  This system combines well-tested tools of Irridology and NLP to measure the sincerity and coherence of an individual’s message based on general phenotype.  Or, in plain terms, this system compares one’s inherent communications style to the one he or she presents in public. 

By comparing and contrasting the presidential candidates’ eyes to their presentation, voters can get a simple yet clear evaluation of sincerity.  Eyetalk® does not guarantee that the individual will not change of deviate from a given genetic hand, it does show whether they are now.  It also gives a window into general communications characteristics, for example, whether a person favors teamwork or a “go-it-alone” approach. 
I don’t know about you, but the Federal Treasury and the rest of the world can do with a little less of the latter method.

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