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Perfect Paradox Method of Manifestation

Well, it is about time.  We have spoken of and danced around the idea of manifestation and reality.  Everyone is talking about a so-called Secret and how to change your perspective.  Now we show how we do it here.


Our method aims at releasing all of your old attachments and becoming what you were born as.  Think of it as abandoning all of your old useless or vestigial genetic traits for only those that apply to modern life.


Sannyasi is the act of renouncing everything and walking on faith.  Although I have done this and it is the fastest path to realizing your personal potential, it is also the hardest and most brutal.  It is not recommended for everyone and it may not even be necessary.


When I first returned from my path of renunciation, I encouraged all to wander its lonely and deep waters.  Yet this did not take well.  People feel deeply addicted to the physical reality and refuse to release its enticements.  This feeling comes naturally.


Think of the child who feels no attachment to clothes, food, or anything.  Then, we as parents convince them of the value of these things.  Once the years of indoctrination succeed, the youth becomes an adherent to the materialist argument too.


A rare few never really accept the idea that the physical world is all that exists, that only what can be measured through external scientific instruments exists.  These humans have extreme difficulty getting along in life.  Many people consider them mentally ill resulting in hospitalization and medication.


Yet we have a paradoxical road that we can walk between the two schools of thought.  This challenge is the human condition, how to balance the intuitive and logical.  Scholars devote study to creativity and methods of creation.  They find both logical and intuitive methods work together.


We are hybrid beings of both spirit and matter.  The ancient symbol of the cross, far older than any single religion symbolizes this concept.  The vertical line is that of spirit or intuition connected to source energy such as the sun or even the galactic core of the Milky Way.  The horizontal line signifies the linear path of physical existence.


We meet at the center, where the two lines intersect.


What we know, we know from within and above.  This is our perspective which we search the material reality for.  Our scientific instruments are discovering that thoughts precede stimuli in the senses.  Furthermore a nerve loop exists between any of the senses and the brain.


The eye for example has two loops connecting it to the brain, and one exists before the optic nerve.  This means that we actually perceive something before we actually see it.  Then we return this idea to the eye for processing.  Of course this example is extremely simplified to present the case:  We affect what we see prior to seeing it.  Now, one does not need instruments to know that we see what we want, study hallucinations.  How can one person see something that no one else does?  That person just sees reality differently.


In fact, everyone sees reality differently.  Our feelings differ as well.  So, again, the question arises, how to tighten the loop so much so that what we perceive and see and feel all align?  Here we enter our method:

  1. Know
  2. Think
  3. Believe
  4. Now
  5. Feel
  6. See
  7. Receive

What you know you know from within.

What you think is how your mind reasons it out within.

What you believe is what you want to see with your personality from within


These are the first three layers.


What you feel is what comes in from without.

What you see is what you want to come in from without.

What you receive is what you accept from without.


These are the second three layers.


Yes we skipped one.  We skipped The Now, or where the two meet.


When you align both the inside and the outside, you experience the eternal now, the past, the present, and the future at once.  Historically one had to bear his or her own cross to learn this path.  In this Age we can do it a bit more easily, though not without discomfort.


Our method shows one how to renounce while being in the world.  How to smoothly release the old attachments without getting a saffron robe and chanting all day.  Although, one can do this as part of the path if one chooses.


As we renounce our mental attachments, we streamline our thinking and learn what we truly believe, in the absence of physical conditioning.  Think of this as the seed of what you are.  The internal work allows one to discover one’s destiny in the absence of societal or familial expectations.


Think of the earlier stages of your life as familiarization with the human body, hot and cold, pain and pleasure, or growth and stagnation.  Once these things are learned, the rules of the child must be surrendered to discover one’s chosen destiny.


Now that you have determined from within, what it is you want, most people want to see it in the world around them.  Some notes require mentioning here.  Renunciation of the attachments built up over one’s life removes the pressure.  In fact, after proper renouncing, one really needs nothing from without.  That is why the method has so much power.  It allows you to need nothing.  So what you get now matches what you choose.   


In phase two, the subject practices feeling what it is that she wants to feel based on the character uncovered within.  Once she feels it in her heart, she starts to see that which supports her dreams around her.  Next she gratefully receives the bounty from the world around her.  An example helps here. 


Jennifer always wanted to be a dancer.  Yet her family consisted of farmers.  Whenever she mentioned dancing, they laughed at her and told her to stop daydreaming.  After years of farming and raising livestock, Jennifer has a major illness.  It causes her to reassess her life.  She comes to us to help her discern her fate.  We give her tools to uncover the gem buried under all that rock.  Once she uncovers it we help her to polish and facet it.


She has renounced as she has a terminal illness. She knows that nothing without will fulfill her life, that it has to come from within.  This mortality gives her the impetus necessary to streamline her thinking to discover what she believes, what truly matters to her.  Phase I is clear.  The process enters the Perfect Paradox where physical and non-physical meet.


We help her to release all of the old thinking patterns using logic and philosophy, and energy work with vibrational healing.  Most importantly we provide her unbiased support for achieving her dreams.  Jen now knows what she believes.  She remembers wanting to dance, feeling that the world was a giant dance of senses, a symphony of motion.


When she was a farmer, her mind saw everything in terms of production and delivery of sustenance.  She went to the mall and noted Hillshire Farms, and
Wilson’s Suede and Leather.  Now Jennifer visits the mall and sees the dance studio, and the fitness tights.  Her mind thinks of ways to support her dream only allowing those ideas in support of it into her conscious awareness.  This woman travels on the road to fulfill her dreams.


But there is one more vital step in the process:  Receive.  Many ask why this step is so important.  Without equivocation, if you take what you want, you are contradicting all of the work done during renunciation.  You will trap yourself back into a physical driven world of scarcity and consumption.  Using the idea of receiving also allows one to have adventure.


For example, after reading the above story, one may assume that Jennifer becomes some sort of dancer.  This is not necessarily her dream.  The concept of receiving puts her in a place of discovering how her life plays out.  Knowing exactly how your life plays out is not much fun, and renders life itself unnecessary.  The little variations make everything.  Our subject has aligned all of the layers of herself.  Now she awakens to her daily adventure where she sees how the physical fulfills her nonphysical dreams.


She begins to read about dancing and the mechanics and kinesiology of movement.  Then a man approaches her about renting space on her farm for horses.  Because she is thinking about dancing she asks what the horses are for.  He says that he boards professional horses for a variety of clients.  Naturally she asks if any of them perform.  He says “yes,” in fact.


One can easily imagine where the story is going; especially as we framed the vision in terms of her dreams, desires and goals.  She works with horse performers.  Imagine doing this with your own dreams and we can help you make it so.  Please, do not wait until the material world makes you ill because you are living a lie.

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