Masters are quoted as saying that God is Love.  I diverge from the prevailing wisdom here.  God is God.  Love is Love.  Ironically, Love comes as a duality with hate.  Yet there is something else great seekers refer to.  Scribes quote them as saying: 

Selfless love is God.

Love of thy neighbor as thyself.

Love of God is love.

Et cetera.


They all refer to appreciation for something as it is.  For me, this is love.  One has a difficult time loving the cancer as it eats away one’s insides.  Or the torturer who attempts to force some form of confession out in the name of some misappropriated God.

Yet love there is.  The question is how to find it.


Now we come to the idea of detachment.  Some refer to the detachment of this same torturer, or the scientist who studies the elegance of an organism that can appropriate living tissue to reproduce itself.  When we refer to these ideas we are not far from the mark.  Love something for what it is, not what we wish it to be.   Appreciate it.


I can appreciate that a woman I love will find happiness without me someday.  While at the same time, I can appreciate the broken heart of the individual whose body I occupy now.  Both are love.  I appreciate that one of my parents drank so much as to destroy a liver.  I can appreciate that the liver loved that parent so much that it killed itself trying to protect the body.


And finally, I can appreciate that the Earth is a big beautiful marble floating in the firmament.  From the cosmos it is a perfect little home for trillions of little organisms.  I appreciate that the Earth may love the cockroach as it once loved the human.


Let it be said.

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  1. Lance (A.K.A Spitterkat) March 20, 2007 at 1:28 pm - Reply

    Spitterkat wrote: if your heart is broken, youre not exactly detached

    Spitterkat may not have read closely enough:

    “I can appreciate the broken heart of the individual whose body I occupy now. ”

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