Intelligence to Intuition

Mapping a New Reality

“You may be through with the past, but the past may not be done with you.”

Recently I met the new breed of human at a seminar in South Beach.  We were at an investment platform masterclass, and he approached me with something different than the usual #flashbros mentality.  In fact he followed the Law of Attraction and navigated by intuition right before my very eyes.

Even more impressive was his commitment to the flow.  This means that he took all experiences in stride, refusing to hate individuals or resent their stupidities.  Although I was once this way when I began the spiritual quest full time eighteen years ago, the journey through Hades burned me alive.

As long as those flames continued to smolder I could not let go of the past.  When I began the journey I committed in the warriors fashion to burn all remnants of future birth, any seeds of malcontent required destruction.  When you take the initiation it has to finish.  Otherwise no one would every complete it.

I stand before you transformed and ready to continue the purpose for which I entered the process so many years ago:  To awaken the dreamer.  My dear friend introduced me to a woman who has codified and structured the intuitive process of awakening your intuition similar to the spiritual exercises of any initiate.

However her yoke is easy and her burden is light.  Over the next few posts look forward to hearing about Therese Rowley PhD as with her permission I share how she simplifies that which many of us learned so brutally.

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