>>>>Achieving Balance: Blending Feminine Inspiration with Masculine Perspiration

Achieving Balance: Blending Feminine Inspiration with Masculine Perspiration

In this dual universe everything exists only as paired with an opposite.  Positive and Negative.  Good and Bad.  Masculine and Feminine.  At any given time in history one force obtains and holds advantage over the other.  This is the natural ebb and flow of life which produces the endless variation which we experience as the phenomenal world.  When things are in perfect balance, we have stagnation.

It is only through imbalance that we experience movement or change.  Imagine a tank of 0 degree water.  Now imagine a tank with a partition in the middle; it now has two halves of negative 100 degrees and positive 100 degrees respectively.  Remove the partition and watch the center.  Here at the convergence zone all kinds of kinetic energy and motion exist.  Our everyday life is this convergence zone.

Each moment, one side holds the dominating aspect.  For most of our modern recorded history, the masculine energy has held the initiative.  Projects were undertaken due to their logical and conceptual value.  Thus they were first conceptualized and then built.  In earlier history there are cases where the feminine held sway.

The masculine reasons things through then develops them, while the feminine can be thought of as the right-brain, or the experiencer which comprehends things as a whole, only to analyze afterwards.  Some of the world’s greatest left-brain thinkers, Einstein, Bohr, achieved their crowning ideas through dreams.  This is the quintessential right-brain gestalt.

Thus, the masculine has clearly ruled from the age of reason and enlightenment until the present.  Now it is time for the feminine to take the lead once again.  This involves the right-brain receiving an idea complete and whole through an intuitive process.  It then directs the left-brain to analyze and develop the idea.  The left-brain masculine generally seeks to break things apart and to rebuild them in its logical framework.

Our world has had enough division and now seeks cohesion once again.  Here the right-brain feminine excels.  It seeks to unite and connect things into organic and harmonious wholes.  The quote below describes how this shift in thinking affects the way we see and analyze the world and our place in it:

“The realization that early humans were the hunted and not hunters has upended traditional ideas about what it takes for a species to thrive. For decades the reigning view had been that hunting prowess and the ability to vanquish competitors was the key to our ancestors’ evolutionary success (an idea fostered, critics now say, by the male domination of anthropology during most of the 20th century). But prey species do not owe their survival to anything of the sort, argues Sussman. Instead, they rely on their wits and, especially, social skills to survive. Being hunted brought evolutionary pressure on our ancestors to cooperate and live in cohesive groups. That, more than aggression and warfare, is our evolutionary legacy.” (Begley 2007)

The article quoted above illustrates in multiple layers how the complex dance between masculine and feminine occurs-the divine intercourse of everythinig in our galaxy.  On one layer, the masculine mind sought a single advantage which accelerated humans to dominance.  Anthropologists’ studies reflected this inherent bias.  Yet on another layer, as the thinking changes so do our explanations.

Now we see that it may be our social skills that gave humanity the edge.  In other words, it is the human system that levers the species to dominance.  From a leadership perspective, these are the most valuable skills to possess and the most difficult to find.  Like in the famous basketball movie, “Hoosiers,” flowing together as a team wins games, not single stars shining brightly.

Now humanity is about to shift again.  This time to more feminine driven reasoning.  In other words, it will be inspiration driving perspiration versus perspiration creating inspiration.  Think less, feel more,  Yet never surrender logic at the door.  It is only through integration that humanity will reach the next stage in human evolution without destroying itself.


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