I Love You Forever

Together always
My family you will be
We dine at the table of infinity
Singing songs of praise
One day we imagine that we die
Only so today matters
When we feel the finite
We are able to know the forever
The gods love you
Even more than I do

In my dreams I see everything
The union, the separation, the darkness
I love my pain
But only because it highlights my pleasure

Knowing you seems like more than I deserve
I love the feeling
It is better than justice, nobility, and honor

For it it the truth of the Lord, in who’s name I bow forever
Thank you Goddess for Love
Thank you Father for possibility
Thank you for Hades for limitation

You are my Gods and Goddess, my feelings
Waves that carry me gently
And sometimes roughly

Someday I could grow up
But Why?

Youth is the gift of humanity
Imagined mortality which carries the heavens
Word is that you will never die
Yet for me….

Yet for us.

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