>>>>How to manifest what you want Part N.

How to manifest what you want Part N.

Elsewhere in my writings, I refer to the popular movie, “The Secret,” and other contemporary works such as “The Law of Attraction.”  In these works the authors try to show people how to create the lives that they want.


Each of the works talks about visualization, positive reinforcement, and a bundle of common ideas for creating the world that we want to see around us.  What they offer that is useful, is a process and methodology to use.


Two main schools of thought contend in the area of “manifesting.”  One seeks to teach you to manifest the physical reality, cars, boats and planes.  The other aims at manifesting your own personal wellness, and well-being.


What we aim for at Perfect Paradox is to combine the two.  We want you to first remove the internal mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles.  Then we help you to eliminate the physical.  More often than not we work on all simultaneously.


There are several reasons that we choose this approach.  Most importantly, if you do not change your internal outlook, no matter how much the external changes, you will never feel peace.  Also, if you change you internal outlook, and then never the outer, you may look like the mental patient who believes that his cardboard box is a mansion.


In this world and age, we have the chance to combine the two.  To feel at peace with what you have while creating that which it is that you would enjoy experiencing.  But first, we must get through your old desires.


As I say elsewhere, everything you experience now is something you asked for at one point.  This is hard for many to believe.  So I will offer an example.  Right now you are being abused by your spouse.  You ask me, “How could I ever have wanted this?”


Imagine that when you were a child that your mother was abusing your sister.  You asked the universe if you could take the beating because you were older and stronger.  Well, you had already asked for a pony and a host of other things, so it took until now for you to get what you want.


Thus, you current life is often a host of desires queued up in your consciousness.  Thus, you always get what you want, but currently, not necessarily when you want it!  A method you can use to stabilize is to exhaust your queue now.


For clients we spend this time on aligning our internal beliefs and goals.  While doing this work, the queue empties in your life.  As you start to align your mental and emotional bodies to the spiritual, the physical begins to line up too.


It is at this point that you can more clearly choose and wait.  Now that your bodies are aligned, what you want comes from all parts of you simultaneously.  You are ONE.  When this one asks the universe for what it wants, most of the time issues fail to arise.


Because you are of one mind and body, as aligned with your highest hopes and dreams, the universe’s response is immediate.  Your experience becomes one of permanent synchronicity, or divine coincidence.  When you open you door to go out, your mail is delivered, traffic parts for you to enter the freeway, you get the idea.


Also, when you are aligned, you do not make dozens of conflicting requests.  You ask for what you truly want and stay focused on that as it arises in the world around you.  Then you only see the things which support your vision.


So whether this is a cosmic principle or logical framework is immaterial.   For your mind automatically picks out what it needs to create the internal vision out of the world around it.  One who focuses on what he or she does not want only sees things which lead to the unwanted results.  He or she who focuses on what is wanted always sees that which reinforces the goal.


Thus, in a nutshell, our process is:


  1. Discover your highest goal for the current time frame.
  2. Identify and remove the mental obstacles.
  3. Cascade these changes to the emotional habits and blockages.
  4. Materialize the desires into the physical world around you, your body and environment.


Please do not imagine that just reading this document will give everyone their ideal life.  Each of the individual steps takes deep processing in itself.  We have honed a methodology for our clients which makes it easier as we have done this many times.

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