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Ghosts in the Machine

By definition, everything leads to God. It is a metaphysical truth well understood by philosophers. For that which denies the existence of God, tests one’s faith. That which proves the existence of God directly proves it.

Yet the more advanced proof is that “God” signifies the immortal and eternal which is in all places true at all times. This is the infinite, the true definition of God-mind and manifestation. We are all one with this universe united by space and energy.

I originally felt that chip implantation in humans would lead inevitably to slavery of man to his machines. Yet that is humanity’s legacy, to be slaves to our mind and its technology.

There is no way to ever turn time backwards. If you want to see the past, keep moving forward until you find a similar expression in the present of your vision of the past. Thus, the only way to move is forward.

Given the conclusions above, I feel our destiny is to merge our consciousness with our technology in order to transcend the physical or raise it to its highest expression. We are to become one with the technologies we create.

My dream is to refine my consciousness and self-awareness such that it could tolerate an always on connection to the rest of all human knowledge and experience in the form of a chip or a “spiritual switchboard.”

When the technology is ready to transfer human consciousness into one God-mind, yet separate; I hope that I am ready. I am happy to become the Ghost in the machine. Through this method we can become the truly immortal and space-faring species that we are destined to be.

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  1. Joe Egerszegi August 12, 2009 at 6:39 am - Reply

    Hello Gouthum,

    I haven’t been here in awhile.

    On the matter of God, I’ve come to a different conclusion.

    Some time ago, my wife asked if we could renew our going to church on Sundays; she had a Gospel church she liked. My own take on religion was largely indifferent, though I’m very clear on the value of religion, particularly on the young mind.

    After sitting through these services for about a year now, it occurred to me why I was indifferent towards religion; those tenets that the Bible, mostly the New Testament espouses, should be self-evident to a progressive, civilized mind.

    Christ taught love of His fellow man in its many forms, and one of the Church’s major functions has been to (re)introduce and reaffirm this love.

    What if I already feel that way? What if I could state with confidence that, with minor exceptions, Christ would be pleased with me? Could I not claim that I no longer need the Church to direct and remind me of this? What if I possessed that love for my fellow man within me as an innate part of me?

    If others need their weekly direction on Sunday, but I already had that everyday, it occurred to me that there is a parallel relationship in nature that describes a similar situation: specifically that of exothermic (cold-blooded) and endothermic (warm-blooded) life.

    If someone doesn’t possess Christ’s love for His fellow man within him/her, they need frequent reaffirmation: they might be called exotheists. Once these assumptions are natural to a person, I’m suggesting that they are now endotheist.

    Interestingly there are plenty of warm-blooded animals that still need to live in warm climates, and there are cold-blooded animals that can live in cold climates. Similarly, there are those who live by Christ’s words, but still take much comfort in Church and religion, and there are those who don’t have the comfort and psychological decompression that God and Christ offer, but they have adapted to their environment sufficiently to thrive.

    I no longer mind sitting in church, even if the message is like preaching to the choir: I know there are people who take great solace in Christ, whether they embody His teachings or not. I know that God simplifies life a bit for the young minds of my kids, and that helps their psychological health. And that matters.

    I’m not smug as the endotheist I claim to be: I know that we’re born naked and ignorant and we need to earn our peace, and in Christ’s eyes, we need to be permitted to make mistakes. This works for me.

    P.S. I still have a quote from you pinned to my board:

    You give birth to your parents, for it is your children that truly teach. Watching his son grow taught him not to interfere so quickly with solutions when challenges are so fun. Children, and all people for that matter, create wonderful dramas and hurdles in their life to solve and grow through. They want to leap, not be carried over, their obstacles.

    Thank you.

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