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Genes and Reincarnation Part II: Lifeguarding the Genepool

Imagine that every several thousand years, or even million, mother nature cleared up all the loose ends in the genetic code.  These are the Ages where impossible genetic diversity is tied up in a mass extinction.  What would it feel like to be one of these species trying to fight its way through to the other side of the Age?

Let us just say that we are in such an Age right now.  You are the living progeny of thousands of generations of your families creeping its way down through eternity.  Here you stand with all of your idiosyncrasies.  What you think of as an irritating tic, is the twitch your great grandfather got from gambling too much.  Or, as in my case, it is the alcoholism your grandfather never settled.

It lies upon us to balance these equations.  Somehow modern science shows that Darwin’s natural selection is actually further from the truth than Lemarck’s inheritance of acquired characteristics.  In fact, cutting edge science is showing that we have actual mutation and inheritance in not only one generation, but within the same generation!

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