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Gender and Polarity Part III: Harmonious and Destructive

Up until now we have focused mainly on the positive aspects of masculine and feminine.  Their extremes are of note as well.  In its obsessive state, each polarity becomes self-destructive. 


The extreme masculine is aggressive to the point of madness.  It battles everything and destroys all in its path seeking dominion.  While its counterpart, the extreme feminine, seeks to possess and control everything to the point of stagnation. 



One moves for the sake of movement, the other sits for the sake of sitting.  The two together balance each other.  Like the conqueror who loves his or her counterpart so much that he or she stops killing and dominating.  Or the artist who so loves his or her mate, that he or she is willing to go out of the studio to market the art. 


We use the cumbersome structure of “he or she” above to make sure that it is clear that the artist or conqueror can be either man or woman.  Look at Queen Isabella, historians clearly recognize that she drove the Spanish empire. 


In general, as we respect each force we respect ourselves and each other. When we do this, we have harmonious relations and development.  In the past a man may have balanced a woman and vice versa.  In this age, we must balance within first.

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