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Gender and Polarity Part I


In written history many scholars complain at the dearth of female figures and perspective.  Some even go as far as to fault the whole discipline because of its exclusive use of the masculine gender, HIStory.  For them, the whole field is inherently biased.  These individuals create a field called HERstory. 


Regardless of one’s feelings about the inherent bias of the writers, a more clear bias exists not related to physical gender.  The contrast between masculine and feminine or Yin and Yang.  Nearly all objects in our universe have a polarity, positive and negative.  One attracts and one repels. 


Ancient philosophers referred to them as masculine and feminine with some of the characteristics in the list below: 


  • Intellect
  • Fit
  • Sex
  • Take
  • Send
  • Flow
  • Fight
  • Think
  • Material
  • Physical
  • Left
  • Positive



  • Emotion
  • Healthy
  • Love
  • Give
  • Receive
  • Ebb
  • Dance
  • Feel
  • Nonmaterial
  • Nonphysical
  • Right
  • Negative


Traditionally the masculine is the force that goes and gets, cognizes or structures.  While the feminine on the other hand, receives, accepts, and appreciates.  Thus the discipline of history for example naturally has a masculine designation.  It is not about men or women per se. 


The main reason that the male bias exists at all comes from the fact that humanity has been unbalanced.  Meaning, aside from the wars and genocides, that men had underdeveloped feminine and women immature masculine.  As a result the masculine came out in men about men with the feminine the complement. 


Now, at this point in human evolution, we balance the two polarities within all of us.  Like the atom that has balanced electrons and nucleus, it still has a weak polarity at its poles; each human being will balance with this polarity.  Thus a relationship will no longer be one positive plus one negative, an inherently unbalanced structure.  Modern relationships will have two balanced individuals joined through their poles.

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