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Can You Infer the Inferrer?

Last week while posting about the link between science and spirituality several discussions spawned.  Some posters attacked, others asked.  Regardless of strategy, a common theme untied them:  What link am I talking about and why?

First and foremost my purpose is to show that there is an absolute in life which any investigator, philosopher or otherwise, must acknowledge in order for the search to be useful to them.  Secondly, given a common starting point, we can find unity in some of the most disparate appearing points of view. 

We all make inferences and deductions in life.  The “Inferrer,” or “Deducer,” is the common point.  Whomever or whatever does this action exists in both scientists and spiritualists.  Even when they refuse to accept this premise, the entity which denies, the “Denyer,” is the same. 

The deepest of spiritual or philosophical schools seeks to discover what this awareness is, and how to harness or, rationally become one with it.  When this is done, most methods show a huge increase in the peace, satisfaction, or harmony in the seeker’s life.  Both scientists and spiritualists benefit from this quest.

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