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As You Remain the Same, the World Changes

Several posts ago in “The Perfect Paradox Method of Manifestation,” we discussed seven steps to receive fulfillment in your present life.  Here they are again reprinted:


  1. Know
  2. Think
  3. Believe
  4. Now
  5. Feel
  6. See
  7. Receive


We outlined that one must renounce one’s believed attachments to discern true character, motives, and desires.  Once one knows what that he is, the subject must change thinking to align with that.  Then he must accept, or believe the results found.  This is Phase I.  During Phase II, the individual must feel what they want for themselves, see it in their lives and receive it when it arrives.


Since I outlined this process in a previous post, I will not restate the whole thing here.  What I will add are some nuances and clarifications.  This process does not proceed at the same rate for everyone.  Some already know what they are and utilize clear logic to think about it.  While others, they believe and feel it, but take rather than receive.  Not all steps follow a set path.


Furthermore, many of us lose sight of one or the other steps during our travels in this world.  Many distractions occur.  We get hurt, or lose something we imagine vital to our existence.  As a result we experience pain or confusion which clouds our reason and perception.  We must engage in the process of personal perfection in an ongoing fashion to ensure fulfillment and peace.  Let us use an example.


Let us imagine that I divorced many years ago.  During that time, I rendered my thoughts down to some core aspects.  I know that I am part of the giant universal whole.  I have proved it using logic and case study for a significant period of time.  My thinking no longer describes things in terms of separateness and possession.  What is mine is always mine, or it never was.  So there is no need for such delineation.


My beliefs support these facts; I am steady and experience few agitations.  I feel this calmness and see its results in the relationships which develop around me.  Whatever is offered to me, I receive gratefully as it supports what I am.  Harmony infuses my charmed life, the Now is eternal.  But life appears to change.


As I grow in steadiness, the world which was once calm becomes more agitated.  The universe always remains in balance.  If one part grows steadier, the other often becomes agitated.  I enter a custody battle for my son; finances grow slim.  My life seems to be empty around me.  Thus I need to engage in the process more.


I begin to reason out what this feeling that I have, is.  In the past, I might describe it as fear or anger.  Yet upon examination, I see that it is something else.  It is not loneliness per se, but a desire for sharing of a more solid basis, a more permanent relationship.  Now that I am steady I seek to share my balanced soul with another balanced soul.  In the past we were two unbalanced halves trying to make a balanced whole.  Two unbalanced persons together make an unbalanced couple.


This time though, it is two balanced entities.  Relations with my son fulfill part of this need, while I see that the universe is sending me another.  The way I know this is that I have surrendered all attachments to results and I know what I feel in the absence of all stimuli.  When I feel something I can quickly trace where the sensation came from, and what it means to me.  Each person feels things differently.


For this reason, when we apply the process to another, it is vital that they grow to understand and see themselves clearly.  Sure, we can give a very clear read as to what is likely coming into their awareness.  But as they become more subtle in their development, it serves them best to enable them to do their own processing.  Another person may experience the same feeling and draw a different conclusion and be equally right.


So in summary, the process does not always occur in the same order and its results mean different things.  And as one experiences life he or she must apply different steps at different times.  Finally, because your body changes, your perception of the world around you changes and the process needs to be reapplied as you grow.  Another example may help.


When you come into this world, your parents take care of your helpless body.  As you grow, your relationship to them ought to change to maintain the same balance.  You grow stronger, hence they must grow weaker relative to you!  At some stage in your development, you are peers.  And finally, you help them on the way out of this life as they helped you on the way in.


Ironically, many adults refuse to recognize their children’s development.  As a result much dysfunction and abuse occurs of both children and the elderly.  These parents always want their children to look to them for advice.  Even when at 80, their advice is generally 40-60 years out of date!  At a certain point, the child must become the leader in the relationship.


When viewing the world, you can see this lack of evolution affect us all.  Imagine that a certain group of people were expected to die twenty years ago.  But due to the advances of modern medicine, they lived much longer than expected.  A world with no war was developing.  The Cold War was done, and as the UN reports, we have fewer conflicts on the globe than we have ever had since reports were instituted.


Furthermore, mortality rates are lower than they have ever been; the same with malnutrition.  Yet these leaders could not live without war, it was all they had ever known.  So, they start new ones.  They could only function by defining themselves by their opposite.  Remember George W. Bush without Bin Laden.  He was only a sincere man out on the ranch chopping wood.  Then Bin Laden “came” and he became “The War President,” and “The Decider.”


To make one thing perfectly clear, I am not advocating any specific political position with respect to a specific policy choice.  What I am advocating is raising children who surpass us in wisdom and patience.  If my son does not surpass me, I have failed miserably.  This is not just in a material sense.  This includes evolution of thought and awareness.  I advocate this without apology.  My way is the foundation for him to develop his own.  Develop your own.


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