Armor of God

A recent letter writer declares herself a Christian, quoting Ephesians 6:11-13. These verses admonish individuals to “put on the full armor of God…against the devil’s schemes.” Few disagree with these sentiments. Yet interpreting scriptures is always a sticky business. So let’s do a little research.

Relevant entries from define the two key terms of “armor,” and “schemes” as “any covering worn as a defense against weapons,” and “a secret or devious plan” respectively. So, the writer urges “Christians” to put on a covering as a defense against secret and devious plans. Bravo.

She further defines the armor of God as for fighting through prayer and speaking out against evil practices. No argument here. But what are these nefarious plans which require the armor of God as protection? To her they are the practices of Tarot, Palm Reading and Reiki. Gasp! Do you know how many people were killed in the name of these tools? Zero.

Let’s tackle Reiki. Anyone who knows their bible will tell you that healing by the laying on of hands has been done since before the time of Moses. In fact, Jesus healed a leper, blind man, and even resurrected by this power. To wit, Genesis 48:13-15 and Acts 8:14-19. Reiki means universal life force and was discovered in its current form by a student wishing to learn how Jesus healed.

Usui, founder of the most well known school of Reiki fasted and prayed for 21 days in the wilderness before God revealed to him the techniques enabling him to share this gift. Most who oppose this and other forms do so out of ignorance. Do we hate a knife because a demon wields it and then persecute a surgeon for use of the same? Some obviously do.

I urge us as Christians and other faithful servants of God to put on His armor. And that armor is wisdom. Tools in and of themselves are neither evil nor good. The use and the intent define the action. So before we attack any given tool, it is best to learn what it is.

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  1. Confuzzled June 27, 2008 at 1:21 am - Reply

    and with this wisdom, how do you suppose one should act, given the relativity of value

  2. perfectparadox June 27, 2008 at 5:41 am - Reply

    This is a loaded comment using a common buzzwords such as “relativity,” and “suppose.” It seeks an argument. Only you can know how you need to act based upon your experience of God. Even if you could not, how could you judge what anyone else was telling you? Hence, you would still be using your own faculties even if you supposed you were following some external standard.

    Good luck,

  3. Spitterkat June 27, 2008 at 1:33 pm - Reply

    lol not so much an argument, just something that ive been stuck on, and hoping for some kind of eye opening ‘something’ (whatever that is in itself), dont you get annoyed when you are certain something is true, and it niggles at you, and then you get it and its like a completely different look on life (i dont know how to say it, like, the wisdom that you speak with when you write your blogs etc, noticing significant stuff :P)

  4. adopted June 28, 2008 at 5:34 pm - Reply

    the armor of God is not intended to save fleshly life. so tarot cards have never killed anyone? but that’s not the kind of death we’re talking about. we’re talking Spiritual warfare, and yes… Reiki could drag your sad arse straight to hell, so wake up.

  5. perfectparadox June 29, 2008 at 2:41 pm - Reply

    “Reiki could drag your sad arse straight to hell, so wake up.”

    Very Christian of you.


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