Actually meaning “unveiling” or “revelation,” this word is frequently used to describe the end of the world as we know it. Though many apocalyptic scenarios depict a terrifying, destructive end, some are rather gentle, having to do with the enlightenment of the human race or the dawning of a New Age. This term is also used to refer to the Book of Revelation. (Apocalypse. Retreived March 21, 2007 from www.abhota.info/endgloss.htm)

When people refer to the word apocalypse, they usually mean some form of catastrophe or destruction.  In fact, the Greek root word apocalypsis means to “uncover.”  Imagine a different read on the coming “apocalypse.”

Imagine that it means to unveil yourself and stand in your true glory as you are?  Most people hide parts of themselves.  Ironically, those who believe that the universe is inherently good often hide the most, feeling themselves unworthy.

As written elsewhere in this blog and by other thinkers, worthiness comes from old ideas of external standards and overarching authorities.  You are the only measure of yourself, and the only judge and jury.  It is your own judgments of yourself that actually hurt you.

So, the challenge, is to remove your own incriminations against yourself.  You are too tall, or too short.  You need to be nicer.  Or my favorites, any of the “should’s,” “<Blank> should <blank>.”  These are any class of statements that state you should be anything different than what you are.     

Most people refer to the “who you are.”  For me, it is a “what,” because you are a species of one.  Gouthum Vallabhaneni Karadi is the one Gouthum V. Karadi in the world like him.  His mixture of traits is different than any other human being’s, as are everyone else’s.

For me, the apocalypse is about unveiling what you truly are and standing naked before the world.  I help my clients to remove all the layers of judgment and oppression beaten into them through years of living.  What is left is a glorious naked human being-A beautiful person who has no judgments upon him or herself or others.

This person shines with confidence and glory.  What is “revealed,” at this time, is the “revelation” that you are perfect as you are.  In concert with the recent postings, you “love” yourself and you neighbor, you “appreciate” things for what they are.

The challenge of course is determining what you are. 

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