An Unorthodox Method

When you get begin to heal you often re-experience the symptoms surrounding the issues that caused the illness.  For example if you injured your lower back when your parents got divorced at thirteen, a chiropractor’s adjustment at thirty-three may return you to that feeling.


This is normal and gives you an opportunity to heal that which caused the energetic or chemical weakness in your form.  Lower back injuries are common in individuals who carry too much weight, either mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually.  Therefore healing is best done in concert with spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical modalities.


Perfect Paradox specializes in the first three with complementary medicine recommended.  Please do not expect us to heal gunshot wounds.  But we can address the mental, emotional, and energetic issues surrounding the drug addiction which put you in place to get shot by an obsessed druggie.


Our role as healers, from my point of view, is to facilitate the process of the body healing itself.  In concert with medicine, any alternative healing protocol can speed the process o f healing while ensuring its longevity.  Depressed people make an excellent example.


You can give them anti-depressants, and even therapy.  But as long as they continue to mask what is causing the chemical imbalance, they are not whole.  Many psychiatrists and psychologists may disagree.  Yet as an experienced case myself, I know that whatever causes the issue, real or imagined requires addressing.


Take for example the depression of a young teenager.  This fifteen-year-old knows goes to India and sees abject poverty.  He returns to ask why such suffering exists in the world.  One person tells him it is God’s will.  This actually makes it worse.  Regardless of the veracity of this response, it makes it worse.


He asks the natural question, “If God exists, what kind of being is he or she to allow create or allow such agony?”  Another person states that it is their prarubdha, or “cosmic accounts balance.”  Meaning, that this individual earned this treatment through his or her actions.  This helps more.


Still though the teenager empathetically feels these Indians’ pain.  He cannot forget their plight no matter what he does.  Even if it fades from his conscious thoughts it gnaws incessantly at his core.  What is he to do?  Because of the ensuing depression, his family medicates him.  Not necessarily a bad thing.


When in trauma, remove the imminent threat and treat the underlying issue.  Many forget to treat the underlying issues once the threat is removed.  Oftentimes the threat is the incentive.  Take the gastric bypass.  Many who take this appetite suppressing surgery return to obesity after the stomach returns to normal size.


This comes from a deeper issue.  A person medicating themselves with food also has a deeper spiritual, mental, or emotional inconsistency which must come out in a healthy way.  Most of our issues resolve from some internal ill or inconsistency.  As far as the teen, he must deal with his underlying sense of justice.


When I was a child many people told me that there was nothing I could do about this imbalance.  I vowed NEVER to forget their pain.  As a result I was depressed for decades until I answered the deep underlying questions surrounding this physical world.  I do not forget their poverty, but I use my skills in the world to ameliorate it as best I can.


Each of us is given feelings, thoughts and beliefs to empower us, to motivate us.  We must use them toward our own personal purpose or risk getting ill and depressed.   Discover your underlying discomfort and discover your underlying purpose.  An unorthodox method yes, but it works.

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