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A Friend Comes in When the Whole World Goes Out

“A friend is one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.”-Anonymous 

In other places in I have written about the value of friendship, and the difference between a friend and a follower.  Historically religions are based upon one “master” teaching many “servants.”  That paradigm is shifting. 

For if you follow some master somewhere, you are really just a slave.  Benevolent dictatorship is still, dictatorship.  Furthermore, you are subject to the vagaries and ambiguities of the so-called master. 

There is only one kind of mastery in the world, and that is self-mastery.  It is inherently more difficult, though also more reliable than mastery over others.  In the dynamic process we choose to call reality, everyone and everything are in flux. 

The self-master maintains a relationship with the self that remains regardless of external fluctuations.  This enables this person to be calm in a sea of distrust, confusion, and agitation.  He or she is the eye of the hurricane. 

As a friend of mine Mark Romero states, “Modern leadership is no longer the sage on the stage, but the guide on the sidelines.”  In the present, God seeks friends, not followers.  We are to mature into evolved spiritual beings, or self-masters. 

Most religions are devolutions of greater universal truths.  They seek to codify the divine.  When you limit the definition of the universal, it loses its universality and becomes specific.  In other words, it no longer applies in all situations. 

Thus, it is made finite.  And by very definition, the finite does not last forever.  Only the limitless infinite lasts forever.  All spirituality seeks to describe this feeling of forever.  The purpose of these schools of thought is to help one experience this unity. 

Immortality consists of this experience of union with the divine.  When one feels this wholeness, he fills the empty place within with other than objects.  Unlike transient physical objects like drugs, sex, and food, this fulfillment lasts forever. 

My goal is to help people experience this oneness in all aspects of their lives.  Whether experiencing anger, pain, love, joy, or lust, the individual self-master will know completion in every breath.  I am a friend to you who seek self-mastery.

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