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The Secret and Blaming the Victim

Health professionals often complain that the current slew of “create your own reality” folks encourage a “blame the victim” mentality.  For, if you created your reality, isn’t it you that is to blame for your current plight?  Although this may seem the case, it is an underdeveloped and oversimplified version of the deeper physical and nonphysical reality, that your perspective informs all of your feelings about your situation.  In other words, your feelings come from you. 

Hence the power of the deeper idea, is that your feelings inspire your actions.  How we feel changes our entire worlds.  As I say elsewhere, tell a man he is building a wall and you will get average work.  Tell him he is building a memorial and you get good work.  Tell him that he is building a monument commemorating all that is great in the human spirit, and you will get great work. 

What has changed, the physical structure of the wall?  Certainly not.  What has changed, is his feelings about his work.  Our actions are always governed by the same rules of balance and justice everywhere in the material universe.  Furthermore, in the infinite loop of eternity, everything balances.  Thus all that matters is how we feel about our experiences.  This is the key to living your perfect life, though it may not sound so glamorous. 

As an example, you may be fighting a losing battle, but why you fight is not governed by whether you win or lose.  You fight because of moral principle.  As an example, in 1939 you joined the Nazi party because they were winning.  How do you feel when they lose several years later?  Do you change sides again to be a winner?  Can you even do so? 

Choosing sides based upon results will often place you in straits which you cannot morally conscience.  This will make you feel terrible in the long-term.  Winners and losers change constantly, only the righteous remain as such.  So, it is upon us to decide our moral code and stick to it.  This does not mean that we are rigid.  Even the code itself must be based upon principles rather than results. 

Results are short-term and constantly shuffle, while principles last forever.

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  1. RubyShooZ September 4, 2007 at 4:35 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this post and for the story of the wall. (that sounds very familiar)

    Great insights as to feelings – inspiration – action – or is it just the actions we take that define us?

  2. perfectparadox September 4, 2007 at 4:53 pm - Reply

    That is something that each of us has to decide for ourselves. For me, I feel it is it true integrity that defines our character to ourselves. This is when thought, word and deed, align. My personal method was to merge the subconscious with the conscious as well, though that is another store now isn’t it?

    Thank you so much for the comments.

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