The Law of Attraction Revisited

Imagine that you are the object of the world’s desire.  Rather than chasing material manifestation, how about it chases you? 

Lewis is an average working stiff at a machinist’s shop.  Every pay day he takes a significant portion of his earnings and sinks them into “investment opportunities.”  Some of the funds go to his retirement funds, others to his savings, and yet more still to his children, his ultimate legacy. 

The final portion available he spends in speculation.  He invests in stocks and options, and the lottery.  Louie buys Scratchers’, and Powerball tickets.  Much of the wealth is spent chasing dreams.  Imagine if the dreams chased him.  In other words, rather than trying to possess an object, he became the object to be possessed. 

In other words, he sought to become the kind of father that his children sought to have.  Lewis became the type of winner that lottery winnings seek to be spent by.  The former is easy to imagine, be the kind of parent that you might wish to have.  You would need the right mixture of firmness, give, and take; love, intelligence, and discipline. 

But the latter, how would that look?  Most people may dispute that money has any anthropomorphized attitude.  Can inanimate objects truly possess any type of desire?  In esoteric wisdom, or philosophy of consciousness, all objects only exist as reflections of the Self.  The center of all beings and so called reality is You. 

Hence, these objects are only aspects of your internal self which you have not internalized yet.  So the question becomes, not, “how do I get,” rather, it is, “how do I become?”  Technically, it is truly, “How am I <blank>?,” though this is really only another definition of the same.  Once a person knows the internal nature, life becomes about expressing that in all things. 

Which leaves us again at the point of “how do I manifest what I am such that what I want, wants me?” 

Since your reality only mirrors your unrealized characteristics, you ask yourself, “how do I see that which I want, and how do I become what it wants.”  An example may help to illustrate this difficult and reflexive process.  For me the universe seeks endless variety in creation and entropy.  It abhors restrictions and will break all boundaries at one point as much as it will create them at another. 

Because I seek infinite abundance in all things, I would have to become the type of entity that spreads wealth around in a way that leads to growth rather than stagnation.  Thus I choose to think, feel and see the world as a wonderous opportunity for dynamic creation and transformation.  Now wealth comes toward me, as my idea of it behaves in this manner. 

One naturally wonders, “Does this actually work?”    

My first response, is watch and see.  A more elaborate one is that seeing the world as a “wealth of opportunity” directs your intelligence toward creating and expanding wealth anyway.  So, in short, it works on a strictly material level.  On a spiritual level, that is a separate question for the philosopher within you as well as a deeper realization.   

What I can tell you without doubt, that it works in my life.  Through a process of self-realization, concentration, and contemplation, all of my desires reach fulfillment and manifestation.  A difficult situation with my son reaches resolution, deep meaningful companionship with my dream woman has developed, career and destiny align. 

All of these things appeared to take some time.  And although I never floundered, sometimes it seemed as if I did.  If I were to suggest this method to readers, I would ask that they concentrate on why they want a given object and determine what they can do for that object that would make it feel fulfilled.  It is easiest to use this method with a person first, as their desires are clearer.  Eventually though an adept can utilize this process for anything.

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