>>>>The Heartbeat of Existence

The Heartbeat of Existence

Recently in the United States of America, a young student decided to shoot a host of others on the Virginia Tech Campus.  Rather than write a whole essay on the nature of life and death.  I will say a few things and leave you with a classic soul tune which I love.

Everyone lives forever.  When a child is born, it asks, “Where did I come from?”  When its grandfather dies, it asks “Where did he go?”  Unprompted a young human automatically knows that it came from somewhere.  Innately it feels that existence persists.  Some simple correlations help. 

You rarely miss what you have never known, yet a person feels extreme dis-ease when told that her or she will die and feel no more.  Inherently there is something unacceptable about this idea.  You know in your heart that something more exists.

Yet I do not refer to some personification of the universe into some being which pulls marionette strings.  Nor am I talking of some indiscernible force which does the same.  What I reference is the inherent order in the universe that one feels.   

When silent, you will feel this order permeating all of your being.  Please take the time this week to quietly relax without contemplation, meditation, or any such work.  Calmly and peacefully feel the underlying heartbeat of existence.

In the deepest darkest suicidal moments of my own life, I have often had difficulty finding this force.  Nonetheless, with practice I can find it anywhere.  Even in excruciating pain the sense is there.  I quiet the mind and body to hear this peace.  With this sentiment, I wish you all love out there.  Not just to
Virginia, but to my military brothers and sisters on both sides of the wars raging on our planet.  To the children and parents starving, and even to the happy people splashing in some warm water somewhere.  

From Earth Wind and Fire, “That’s the Way of the World.”  (Courtesy of You Tube.) 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExYa6YTx3cQ  Lyrics:

Hearts of fire creates love desire

Take you high and higher to the world you belong

Hearts of fire creates love desire High and higher to your place on the throne

We’ve come together on this special day

To sing our message loud and clear

Looking back we’ve touched on sorrowful days Future pass, they disappear

You will find peace of mind

If you look way down in your heart and soul

Don’t hesitate ‘cause the world seems cold

Stay young at heart ‘cause you’re never (never, never, ..) old at heart  That’s the way of the world

Plant your flower and you grow a pearl

A child is born with a heart of gold

The way of the world makes his heart so cold 

Maurice White, Charles Stepney & Verdine White 1975.  “That’s the Way of the World” 

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