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Gender and Polarity Part IV: Divine Sexual Union

In each of the installments of Gender and Polarity our discussion has focused upon how they differ and how conflicts occur.  In this installment for this series we mention how they balance.  This is the Perfect Paradox. 


Somehow what has been seen as a fight and a “battle of the sexes,” can be a dance, a divine harmony that unites the two halves of a whole.  For in reality there is no duality.  Stand a coin perpendicular to a couple facing each other.  One sees heads only, the other tails. 


If you ask either one what they see, they must answer heads or tails respectively.  Yet in reality there is neither heads nor tails in isolation.  We only have a coin.  This is the secret to gender relations and existence in a physical and polarized world. 


Everyone and everything has the ability to unite in divine sexual union.  Not just man and woman, but master with student and artist with art.  This is the challenge for all human beings with the potential for self-mastery.  We are to master ourselves and our relationship with the world around us. 


We can find the zero-point where phase shifts occur.  Imagine that you are a water being, it is not hard, because you are.   Then imagine that you have found the point where water becomes ice, or gas.  Yet there is a point where it is both or neither.  Try to stay at this point. 


When we can balance on the edge of a razor blade, we have reached our own self-mastery.  Some are capable of doing this in all relationships with the material reality, others in only special situations.  Find the place where you reach union between idea and experience, between your love and yourself. 


This place is immortality in the eternal now, where all things in your perception become one.  When we can maintain this divine union in all that we know we have reached immortality.

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