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Eternity in a Moment

In the movie K-Pax, the alien “Prot,” tells us that the universe is one never-ending cycle of contraction and expansion.  He further adds that we need to get it right this time because we will be here again.  Although these thoughts meander their ways through history, what they mean in the present is the job of the mystic of prophet.

What they mean today is that we are immortal, our life lasts forever as part of one unbroken chain of infinity.  Yet again, what does this mean?  It means that you will be here again and that there is no way to change the big things, except as part of the little ones.

In other words, how we live each moment is what determines our fate.  This morning during my contemplation I reflected upon a dilemma which has always troubled me.  Either my consciousness is one insignificant speck in an infinite universe, or the universe is an insignificant speck in my infinite consciousness.

Both trouble the philosopher.

Either what you do matters so much so as to be overwhelming, or what you do is so meaningless as to be crushing.  Both are somewhat true, but neither really is.  What is true, is that the moment you live now determines your fate.  Imagine that this were the last moment we ever spent in our lives.

Some would spend it drinking, others making love.  Neither answer is right; neither answer is wrong.  When every moment becomes an eternity, this is immortality.  I have finally found the source of this moment.

I am trying to put into words that which is impossible to say.  All of my life I have felt that anything is possible.  I have found that which is impossible.  Trying to express the infinite in anything other than a gaze of the eyes.  How does one share that moment of oneness experienced only in complete merging of thought, word, and deed?

They way it is done is by living it.  That is my life, and yours.  I have found my forever.  It is no longer only in the gaze of my beloved, but in everything.

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