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Coalition Building

Many of my colleagues and clients desire to make a large impact on the world.  Their dreams loom large in their consciousnesses.  Yet many times these change leaders confide to me their wish for more money to fulfill their visions.  Ironically this may not be what they need.


During the elections process, politicians and statesmen alike have to fundraise.  More often than not this skill is seen as a necessary evil.  While in fact, it forms a vital part of the mobilizing process.  This step creates coalitions.  Without them, any change initiative flounders over time.


Thus, to make our visions a reality we must build momentum through organizing and motivating individuals and groups of individuals.  Examples of failures to do this include candidates that fund their own campaigns only to fail at the polls.  So please remember that part of leading change includes this vital step.


The next time you wish for more money to change the world, please remember to be thankful that you do not have it.



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