• Our throat represents our message to the world.  But before one gets hung up on thyroid or even voice issues, ask yourself, “Do mute people have voices?”  Naturally, the answer is “yes.”  One speaks in the very way one exists.  Too much and we dominate, too little and we become doormats.  Sound out this area to learn to express your divine purpose in all that you are.
  • Solar Plexus
    The core of humanity struggles with the Third Chakra at this time.  Issues surrounding willfulness, cowardice, and even indifference often source from poorly integrated solar plexus energy.  All the adrenal issues in the modern world can be traced to this agitated fight or flight area.  Try to tonify  the solar plexus with healthy solar energy or even by soothe and grounding the root and sacral if too aggressive.
  • Premium essential oil crafted to heal the crown chakra.
  • Our early societal groups affect this chakra.  Usually around puberty, the second chakra and its surrounding organs and tissues become active.  It includes, creativity, imagination, and even lust.  Too much and we can become oversexed, or burned out.  Not enough, and you may experience writers block or frigidity.  Strengthen confidence, core muscles, and organs with this tone.