>>>>Union – Heart Chakra Oil

Union – Heart Chakra Oil


The Heart Chakra.  This most famous of chakras may even be what brought you to this healing path.  As important as it is for us to feel a connection to our fellow human being, and even above and beyond to earthly concerns, it is vital that each of the energetic centers is vibrating at the appropriate rate for you.  In other words:  Balance.  Too much heart and we smother each other, too little and we become unforgiving.  Aim for empathy.


Heart Chakra Oil


Heart disease is the greatest cause of untimely death in the western world.  Better yet, in simple words, we are dying from broken or clogged hearts.  Yet what the heck is a “clogged heart” anyway?

I can tell you what my doctor told me, “Watch the intake of cholesterol and do cardiovascular exercise.”

Sounds easy right?  WRONG!

If it were so easy, we would not worry so much about the ones we love…


While I am not going to lie to you and say that your diet and physical fitness habits are unimportant; I am going to add some tools to make changing them easier.

Our societies have grown further detached over the recent decades.  We have problems exchanging energy with our environments.  We get all clogged up with our emotions and our feelings.  We cannot feel love or more importantly connection.

Our lungs, heart and vascular systems are constricted.

The special Union: Heart Chakra Oil (Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Safflower) has a combination of energetic and physical properties specifically designed to help you feel your load lightened.  No longer will you be fighting for air and struggling to move.  It helps your lungs, heart, and breathing.


Stabilize and deepen your respiration.

Feel more peaceful in your environment.

Increase your connection with your home and family.

Changes will happen more comfortably.

Your sense of touch will grow.

Blood pressure will decrease.


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