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  • The Heart Chakra.  This most famous of chakras may even be what brought you to this healing path.  As important as it is for us to feel a connection to our fellow human being, and even above and beyond to earthly concerns, it is vital that each of the energetic centers is vibrating at the appropriate rate for you.  In other words:  Balance.  Too much heart and we smother each other, too little and we become unforgiving.  Aim for empathy.
  • Many will tell you that the Third-eye is the key to seeing the future.  Too much sixth chakra and we become detached and unrealistic; too little and we lose our imagination and become trapped in a dry lifeless monotony.  We recommend first seeing the present all around us in its beauty.  Then we can choose whether to change or adjust that life path
  • Our throat represents our message to the world.  But before one gets hung up on thyroid or even voice issues, ask yourself, “Do mute people have voices?”  Naturally, the answer is “yes.”  One speaks in the very way one exists.  Too much and we dominate, too little and we become doormats.  Sound out this area to learn to express your divine purpose in all that you are.