>>>>Voice – Throat Chakra Oil

Voice – Throat Chakra Oil


Our throat represents our message to the world.  But before one gets hung up on thyroid or even voice issues, ask yourself, “Do mute people have voices?”  Naturally, the answer is “yes.”  One speaks in the very way one exists.  Too much and we dominate, too little and we become doormats.  Sound out this area to learn to express your divine purpose in all that you are.


Throat Chakra Oil


Ever wonder why sometimes, you’d have slight aches and pains in your throat? Why sometimes swallowing certain beverages or food will cause a dull ache when swallowing? I know I have.

I’ve always just attributed it to the changing seasons like the changes in the weather or my diet. However, what turned out to be an infrequent pattern in reality, after analyzing it, turns about to be a frequent pattern and I had to address this. I HAD TO TAKE CARE OF IT.

Off I went seeing my doctor and getting results, TELLING ME NOTHING IS WRONG, but how can that be? It may seem like a non-regular occurrence but it does happen. Trying all sorts of lozenges or mints seemed to ease my throat pain BUT IT NEVER CURED IT. I’m not crazy the pain is there, I just knew THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY of fixing it.

That’s when I discovered that the best way to heal myself is to do a PHYSICAL and a METAPHYSICAL analysis and reading of myself. I noticed that these throat aches come only when at times in my life I couldn’t bear to speak to the truth, in turn harming my ability to speak at all. In BLOCKING THE SPIRIT OF MY VOICE, it turns out I’m denying my throat in delivering the truth it needs to voice out.

But that’s only the analysis of the METAPHYSICAL, what about addressing the PHYSICAL?

This is where my Voice: Throat Chakra Oil, (Chamomile, Lavender, Safflower) was invented and created out of the need to address ailments affecting your trachea, esophagus, and tongue. Applied properly, it also addresses ailments related to your thyroid, parathyroid, sinuses, mouth, neck, and lower skull.


Helps your throat, swallowing and speaking.

Addresses your thyroid issues and empowers you in increasing your ability to speak your truth.

Helps you manifest your dreams as you integrate your higher purpose and physical work, enabling you to see your place in the world.

Releases tension from your lower brain and your higher faculties, neck, and shoulders


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