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Abundance – Root Chakra Oil



Root Chakra Oil

Has your doctor ever told you to eat more fiber?  You know what we are referring to, “regularity.”  When you “go,” does it hurt when you use the restroom or do you have to sit in there forever?  Does weight seem to collect around your belly?

It happens to all of us.

My dad used to have a similar problem and my spouse too. At the time I figured it was just genetic, a part of aging.  Then again, upon closer examination, I discovered that this pattern follows more than just a family’s physical inheritance like eyes, ears, and noses.  This was something that no pill could fix…


Just talking about pills to help you become irregular just makes me nod in silent disagreement. This topic reminded me of all those ads about doctors telling us to add more fiber to our diet flashed in my head like PowerPoint presentations, canned lines delivered with laser-like precision. Only giving a partial solution to the problem but NOT SOLVING the problem itself.

So I tried the usual, bran muffins, fiber pills, and no regular results.  Every professional in the established medical community told me it was normal.  Yet considering the health of most of them, I could not really take their words for it.  It felt just so yucky to be holding on to my wastes.  Yet this feeling turns out to be the KEY TO AN ANSWER.

Not only was I holding on to the familial wastes in my abdomen and colon, but emotionally and mentally I also tended to have a hard time letting go.  Enter another way of treating your illness and weight issues:  Chakra Oils and Energy Work.  Not only can you USE OUR PHYSICAL PRODUCTS, but energetic ones too.

Start out with our Chakra Oil Blends specifically chosen to address your basic emotional, mental and physical needs.  As your condition improves, learn more in our seminars or through direct work with me.   Abundance: Root Chakra Oil Blend (Tea Tree, Lavender, Safflower) addresses issues with circulation, the lower colon and anus, hips, and genitals.  It also improves assimilation of iron.


Helps your circulation and elimination thereby improving bowel regularity and constipation.

Enables you to connect with wealth and abundance.

Decreases depression and mothering issues.

Enables you to feel grounded and connected to the world around you.

Encourages the release of old family toxins and issues including weight loss.


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