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Genes and Reincarnation Part I: Ancestral Memory

When I was a child I read a story about Anthropologists in landlocked sub-Saharan Africa.  They told of a tribe which had not seen the ocean in thousands of years and had no words or mythology of the great bodies of water.  Yet the children still dreamed of oceans and their associated cultures.  

Using proper scientific methods they could only discern that something was passed on in the genes.  We often call this “ancestral” or “genetic” memory.  Others call it reincarnation or the soul.  The important thing is not what one calls it, but how one uses these memories.  

In another modern study, a scientist goes to different towns across the world to interview people.  They tell of past lives and deaths.  This doctor then goes to the alleged places of these experiences and verifies their existence.  One can offer any number of explanations to describe these phenomena.  Though they ring hollow when you actually see pictures of the independently verified past lives and present children.

I mention these facts not to persuade anyone as to the veracity of either argument.  I do mention them however to show that the tools provided by them are both useful.  Imagine that your life is an opportunity to fulfill the fates and destinies your ancestors could not?

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