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Global Warming, Global Cooling, What is the Point?

The mean global temperature is rising as compared to historical weather data and core samples.  Each person uses this information to justify their own personal view.  Some conclusions proposed based on this comparative data: 

1.     Humans cause the change.

2.     It is our consumption lifestyle.

3.     It is the hydrocarbon based economy (Fossil fuel use).

4.     Solar cycles cause it. 

Some arguments justified: 

1.     We should consume less per capita in the industrialized world.

2.     Fossil fuels need to be eliminated as the core of our energy system.

3.     Population control is the key.

4.     Kill Dick Cheney, George Bush, <INSERT OIL EXECUTIVE>. 

Some campaigns advanced:

1.     Stop Global Warming.

2.     Stop Global Whining.

3.     Save the Earth/Environment.

4.     Save Monster Trucks. 

This piece does not seek to promote one point over another.  First and foremost, the Earth will survive.  For over four billion years this planet silently grew with or without human influence.  Four thousand millions of years compared to homo sapiens two million!   

If the life of Earth were one day, our species’ rise occupies only the last three minutes of the last hour.  With or without humanity, planet Earth will continue long after the human tale ends; barring asteroid impact, planetary collisions, or comets.  So if we wish to save anything, it is our own hides. 

Even then, there are too many variables to measure to stop all possible catastrophes.  All that we can do as individuals and groups is to minimize the impact of the variables in our own direct control. 

For example, I can fly around in my jet plane convincing others to minimize impact, or I can minimize my own by riding a bicycle everywhere.  The former influences many others so I can use more resources, while the latter decreases my own personal impact. 

Which one I choose lies in the realm of personal preference.  Neither is more right than the other.  This is the reason for this essay.  Each person has their own choice of how they want to spend and value their own time and resources. 

There is nothing more noble about either of the choices presented above from the myriad of options available. 

We as finite beings in an infinitely variable universe can never prevent or control every variable.  If we could, there would be no reason to live, not to mention the boredom! 

Thus, life is about creating and modeling your own ethics and morality, and expressing that in every breathe.  This impacts the world as much or more than any dramatic gesture.  Plus, it has staying power.  Like an avalanche, these pebbles move the waves of change. 

Again though, life starts from within, and it is about seeing the beauty every day.  If you wish to minimize the impact of your actions upon the Earth because it agrees with your philosophy so be it.  If you wish to let people know not to urinate in the same water we all drink, please, do so. 

Realize though, that all options are a choice.  Choose what you want and be that.  Some people have the role of polluting, others of cleaning up.  I am sure that the world is heating up, the questions is what do I want to do with that perspective. 

First, I might move off of the coasts.  Second I may try to study the affects of a spiraling climate change.  Third, and most important, I will value everyday of my life and every moment. 

My philosophy has always been to be efficient and elegant in my actions.  Although I do not succeed in everything, I try to make only the footprint on the world that I must.  The Earth goes through cycles and phases as do we all.  Capitalize on the changes and value every moment is my philosophy.


Scientists proposed last century that oil came from organic or inorganic processes.  The former, the dinosaur theory says that ancient organic life contributed in its death, to oil.  While the later states that it is a natural process within the earth that produces this fuel source.  Both have been reproduced in the lab, and neither can be conclusively proven.

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    Here is an intersting book about the source of energy on the Earth, the sun. I do not necessarily agree with the entire perspective, as fossil fuels may come from organic and inorganic processes, science cannot conclusively prove which.


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    nice post gou

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