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Genes and Reincarnation Part III: Genetic Designate

 So here we are, a mishmash of all of the loose ends of our families from time immemorial.  Your uncle’s penchant for fishing, and your aunt’s for fish.  Imagine that here you are trying to settle the problems of humanity in your own personal mortal body.  

For example, you are half Palestinian and half Israeli, if you can settle your own nature, your countries can abide each other.  I am not saying that the calculus is necessarily this easy.  But as far as I am concerned, it is a great place to start.  

Most of us alive today can sense the heat rising, and the hammer coming down.  As I have stated elsewhere, humanity is being forged into a spacefaring species.  When you forge a tool, how does one do it?  

First, you increase the heat, global warming.  Second, you increase density, population growth.  By the collision of forces, the strongest of implements it created.  This is humanity in this age.  We are each of us designates.  

We are the inheritors of our own personal royal lines.  You, either the prince or princess, king or queen, of your own little piece of reality.  This may sound self-aggrandizing or egotistical.  That makes it no less poetic or even true.  

It is your role to forge something beautiful out of the genetic soup that is your soul.

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