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The entire physical reality starts at the level of vibration.  Some call this spirit, or source-God.  Regardless of what you think of it, the important thing to understand is how to clear the blockages.  First we clear our mental blocks, then the emotional.  And finally, the physical follows.  Our treatment strategy includes all aspects in a gentle and progressive fashion.  Please see our Medical Astrology page for more information.

Singing Bowls

Upon the healing journey we encountered great sound teachers who have Perfect-Paradox-Singing-Bowlsimparted to us handmade singing bowls from Tibet and Nepal to aid in your journey. These deep tones vibrate throughout your entire body.  Experience the timelessness of their story. (Image property of Acutonics)



Tuning Forks

Sound-Treatment-Perfect-ParadoxWe use Tuning Forks of the highest quality taught to us by THE pioneers in systemic sound healing, Acutonics.  Please clickthrough to their pages to purchase your own forks or materials or just to understand what we have studied and trained under for several years.  (Image property of Acutonics)




Essential Oils



We blend and bless our oils from Aromaland stock in New Mexico.  These top quality ingredients ensure you have the best quality tools to ease your way.



Some of our practitioners are Reiki attuned and Reikimasters.  This energetic healing practice was discovered by a Japanese man who sought to know how Jesus did laying on of hands.


Finally, this is the most important ingredient.  When we first opened Perfect Paradox in New Mexico over ten years ago, we had success healing, but could not seem to get the sustaining penetration that the work requires.  We could not root!

Our own hypocrisy and shadow marred the work.  Only after seven more years of intensive purging and renunciation are we finally worthy to return to the work.  Love is what makes the difference.  It is the positive force that travels both time and space in a purposeful, graceful and beautiful way.