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Fifteen years ago, I did the Body for Life Challenge.  I went from 202 lbs. and 22% body fat to 184.5 lbs. and 12.5% body fat in 12 weeks.  Well, technically it took me thirteen weeks, but that last week carried me over the top toward my goal.  However, being fit and looking like an underwear model preceded the most difficult period trials of my life before true health.

Almost immediately after finishing the challenge I went with my pregnant wife to Yosemite for our annual trip.  Upon return I had debilitating diarrhea and profound weight loss of twenty more pounds in thirty days.    Without going into too much details, my colon developed bleeding ulcers which either caused or resulted in bleeding, gut-wrenching cramps and thirty trips to the bathroom a day.

When even water causes you agony, you become willing to conquer any homophobic tendencies to drink a gallon of laxative and slide a ten foot camera in your rectum to view the inside of your horribly raw insides!  They diagnosed me with a debilitating condition called Ulcerative Colitis (Latin for bleeing ulcers in the colon!).  It falls into the category of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), a subcategory of Autoimmune disorders.

Even before marriage and this horrific condition, I had already experienced significant adversity including divorce, severe family illnesses, and the US Army.   As I will be telling you this story over an extended daily video series this year, it suffices to say here, that this path lead to full renunciation of family, name and gain as they say in Advaita Vedanta.

I sought out healers across the country to  treat this condition, to include studying under my father the Vedantin monk in India for seven years of daily satsang and meditation.  Yet rather than run away to India as he did, he ordered me to stay here in the now.  For “If you cannot find God where you are, you will never find Him.”

Questing lead me through many philosophies and treatments, not limited to Hands of Light practitioners, Ayurveda, Reiki, Acutonics, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Allopathic medicine, alcohol, chemicals, anything to heal!  Eventually after years of penance, I have found grace.  And through the practice of sound and scent, I hope to share it with you.

I do not promise you anything other than to help you get the energetic, emotional, and spiritual state that facilitates your body’s self-healing rather than the agony of further war against yourself.  All autoimmune deficiencies or excesses relate to inflammation.  Let us sooth your ravaged heart with sound.