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Perfect Paradox seeks to aid your healing by soothing your body, mind and intellect through sound, scent and light.  We give you the tools to quiet your discomfort so the body’s natural processes can work to promote and maintain health.

Rather than try to fight illness-the source of autoimmune issues, our methods seek to cease destruction.   As we say in investing the first rule is to control your losses, the gains take care of themselves.  Stop causing pain and first,  then health will naturally occur.   When you get healthier we can take more active approaches, but until that time it is best to soothe and relax.

While using these methods, you must continue to talk to your other mental, spiritual, and physical health professionals.  We do not promote our methods to replace your community of healers.  Rather we seek to augment them, to provide a framework in which to heal, to synthesize your overall health system.

-Hari Om